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About Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. in Kennedale,  TX

Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. is a SC Technologies authorized re-seller partner, and a trusted provider of high quality video security equipment, access control technologies and installation services for Kennedale, TX and the surrounding area. Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. delivers the latest security technologies from Alibi, DIGIOP, infinias, The BLACK Line, 3s and Tirade - and offers a broad range of security solutions, including analog cameras, network IP cameras, embedded DVRs, hybrid digital video recorders, network video recorders, security monitors, HD analog and IP-based electronic access control solutions.

Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. serves a broad range of industries in Kennedale, TX, including retail, small and medium businesses, large corporate and industrial facilities, financial institutions, education, healthcare, and other governmental agencies. Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. supports single and multi-site installations with reliable, cost-effective security solutions, customized for the specific needs of the application.

Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. offers comprehensive value-added services, including:

  • System Design and Engineering Support
  • Installation and Project Management
  • System Configuration and Remote Management
  • On-site Service and Support
  • On-site Training
  • Data and System Integration

Regardless of industry, or size of installation, Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. is a proven, trusted, single-source for your security-related needs in Kennedale, TX and the surrounding area.

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